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Aloha nā Puke

Born in Roswell, New Mexico, I grew up in a military family. My father read a lot and wrote short stories which inspired me to write as I grew up. On a brief layover in Hawaiʻi on the way to Japan as a child, I fell in love with Hawaiʻi. Years later, I found my way back to Hawaii. I got married, became a nurse, and worked in the neonatal unit of Kapiolani Medical Center. I volunteered as a coach and referee for AYSO soccer, and enjoyed helping children develop positively and gain confidence in themselves thru that program. I have been studying the Hawaiian language since 2000 through Hawaiian language and culture classes. I volunteered at a local Punana Leo preschool, (a Hawaiian medium education preschool) in order to further my learning of the language. and culture. My first published book focuses on events in Hawaii. My second book focuses on a cat that lived with us. Cats have always been my favorite pet even though I like dogs and have had several. Although currently living in Idaho, Hawaiʻi will always be a most special place for me and my family.

I have always been interested in writing and am excited to be a published author!


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hawaiian island adventures #1

Puanani & the Volcano

by Jo Ann Jeffries, Sierra Tabor (Editor), Worlds Beyond Art (Illustrator)

Kilauea's eruption on the Big Island of Hawaii affected an elementary school girl Puanani. It is her encouraging this meaningful story that shows Puanani turning her feelings of helplessness about the lava flowing into the ocean into a dogged determination to save as much sea life as possible—especially the turtles. Her persistence inspires her family and canoe club to help her in the quest to make beaches and shorelines a cleaner and safer place for the animals and people who love them.

now available

Have you seen Tucker?


A young girl has lost her pet cat, Tucker, and sets out to find him around her rural home in Idaho. She runs across many other animals out in the wilderness and asks them about her cat. Great book for young animal lovers!

Astronaut Kids


NASA has begun an exciting new project— sending kids to space! Only a handful of bright, young scientific minds have been selected to go on the two-year mission, and Kai is one of them. He and the other four young astronauts will get to learn how to live in a space station, work with the most innovative new technologies, perform their own research, and even visit other planets. Two years is a long time to be away from Earth, and there’s a lot that could go wrong, but the Astronaut Kids are ready for the challenge!